Region’s MPs back bid for Institute of Technology in the East of England

MPs from across the East of England have come together to sign a joint letter, to the Secretary of State for Education, giving their support for the introduction of an Institute of Technology at West Suffolk College, Bury St Edmunds.

The letter signed by MPs from across the region, highlights the enterprise and innovation from the north, south, east and west of East Anglia in science, engineering and technology.

The Institute of Technology at West Suffolk College in Bury St Edmunds would co-ordinate this network of skills, opportunities and growth by developing the future workforce; giving credibility to the east’s reputation as a centre for technology and growth.

Commenting on the letter, Jo Churchill MP said: “The enormous potential of an Institute of Technology, based at the centre of the Eastern region, to deliver high quality, valued jobs driving our dynamic regional economy, is essential.

The support from both the education and business communities for an Eastern Institute is testimony to the strength of this campaign; ensuring we deliver demonstrable benefits for our economy and opportunities for young people and workers across East Anglia.

I firmly believe in showcasing the talents of our region and this proposal, with West Suffolk College at the heart of it, is key to unlocking aspirations, skills and economic vitality of our whole region.”

Elizabeth Truss MP: “This is a fantastic proposal offering a unique collaborative approach. Working with business and education, the Eastern Institute of Technology will establish the region as a leader in advanced manufacturing, technology, energy and engineering.

The Cambridge to Norwich Tech Corridor along the A11 is evidence that businesses view the eastern region as a place to locate and develop and we will soon have the most advanced fighter jet in the world based in Norfolk at RAF Marham.

However, in order to fully support these industries and to continue to develop the ambitions and aspirations of the eastern region, there needs to be a skilled workforce with the relevant training available; and that is why I support this proposal.”

Peter Aldous MP said: “I welcome this unique proposal for an Institute of Technology in East Anglia, based on the existing network of colleges.

Along with East Coast College, Lowestoft Sixth Form College and CEFAS, I’m delighted to provide my support.

There are significant opportunities for East Anglia to be a world leader in the marine and energy sectors and the Institute of Technology would ensure that young people in Suffolk and Norfolk will have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills for the high value jobs that will be available.”


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