Jo Churchill MP writes for Bury Business Festival 2018

This time last year, I was writing about the key ingredients of Bury businesses that were driving their success. Enterprise spirit, strength of leadership and a ‘can do’ attitude were the formula. 12 months on and I would add a new ingredient to the recipe for local success. Quiet competency and a drive to get on with the job.

There is a reason local papers like the Bury Free Press host annual business awards such as the one coming up this October. To showcase worthy opportunities and hard-earned recognition derived from building a successful business.

Awards or not, the business that has stuck in my mind this year is Antistat, a globally exporting, European leading supplier specialising in electrostatic discharge equipment. Based right here in Bury St Edmunds, the company is listed amongst the UK’s top 100 fastest growing companies.

When I met them earlier this year, I saw a company constantly seeking new opportunities for themselves and the community around them. In particular, the need to encourage skills in the local workforce including through the apprenticeship route. What impressed me was how the company identified where, specifically, they can optimise the apprenticeship route for those seeking a high quality career.

The company had taken great steps, knowing what they wanted and what was needed to develop out their agenda. Moreover, they had done so with clarity and purpose.

What I saw with Antistat was a company grounded in its community roots and in short, quietly getting on with the job. I am looking forward to meeting more such businesses at this year’s festival.