Jo Churchill MP shows support for World Cancer Day

Jo Churchill MP gave her support to those affected by cancer and the NHS staff who care for them at a special Westminster event for World Cancer Day.


The Bury St Edmunds MP met with campaigners from Cancer Research UK to learn about the charity’s latest research and show her support for all those working to ensure more people survive cancer.


Every year, around 1400 people in the Bury St Edmunds constituency are diagnosed with cancer and in the UK 1 in 2 people born after 1960 will be diagnosed with the disease at some point in their lifetime.


World Cancer Day (4 February) is an opportunity for people, organisations and countries to work together, raise awareness and take action to beat cancer.


Early diagnosis is a vital part of ensuring more people survive cancer. The Government has made a commitment to diagnose 75% of cancer cases in England at stage one or stage two by 2028.


Jo Churchill MP said: “World Cancer Day helps to raise awareness of the scale of the challenge and the role we can all play in the fight against the disease. Cancer affects us all – any one of us, wherever we are. We can all work together to beat it, not just the hard-working researchers and NHS staff who help to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.


From my own experience, having had the disease more than once, I know that small actions really can make a big difference to the lives of people with cancer. While it is right that we celebrate the work of our fantastic NHS staff, as well as charities such as Cancer Research UK and Breast Cancer Care, I believe we should also show that thanks to their hard work, there is life after a cancer diagnosis.”