Bury St Edmunds MP lobbies Health Secretary for winter pressures money for West Suffolk Hospital

The winter period leads to an increase in demand on our NHS, particularly in terms of increased admissions to our hospital. That is why I recently took the opportunity to lobby the Health Secretary for winter funding for West Suffolk Hospital.


This may seem early, being that we have not yet reached Easter. However, the sooner the winter pressures funding is allocated by the Department of Health and Social Care, the sooner hospitals can begin to plan their spending. As with any planning, the longer you have the better the outcomes tend to be.


West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust has submitted a bid for winter funding for phase two of the Ambulatory Assessment Unit. This would deliver same day emergency care, with ten trolley spaces and two emergency assessment rooms. It would also provide a dedicated ambulance arrival facility.


Ensuring ambulances are not waiting at hospitals longer than required means they are freed up to respond to further emergencies. This is vital for rural communities like ours. 


I am determined that our outstanding hospital and the fantastic staff who work there are given all the support possible to deliver high standards of care. These are services we all rely on and I will always fight to ensure West Suffolk Hospital receives its fair share of funding for the things it believes are important.