Post Office in central Bury St Edmunds (July 2016)

On Tuesday 19th July it was announced by Post Office Limited, that the closure of Bury St Edmunds Crown Post Office and the franchising of the service, to WH Smith in the town, would go ahead. The announcement comes after months of deliberation and consultation which sought to deliver the best outcome for Post Office services in Bury St Edmunds.

It is still disappointing to see that, after much deliberation between myself, Post Office Limited, representatives from the Communication Workers Union, the Town and Borough councils and local residents, the Bury St Edmunds Crown Post Office cannot be maintained in its present iconic location.

I met extensively with Post Office Limited and all interested parties to ensure their deliberations were thorough and all factors considered, including the strong local opinion of the Bury St Edmunds Crown Post Office customers. Unfortunately the public consultation, which looked only at customer access, has concluded that the Bury St Edmunds Crown Post Office should close and the service be franchised to WH Smith next door. In this way, the vital postal service is maintained in the town but, in my last conversation with Post Office Limited on Friday, I stressed that if any problem with access should arise, particularly for the old and vulnerable, I will be challenging their decision.

In addition, I have sought assurance that locally we will have a full consultation on the disposal of the building. I know the Town and Borough councils are I conversation about the site and I will be urging them to get the best possible solution for us in the town.

I understand that staff at the Bury St Edmunds Crown Post Office have been told of this decision. I have asked to be kept fully informed of the new franchise agreement with WH Smith.

July 2016