St Edmund and beyond

I never fail to be impressed by the dynamic, forward thinking community we have across Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket; full of highly skilled, hugely committed individuals and businesses.

Patient data with patient outcomes

“Patient data is capable of improving patient outcomes”. This was the point I made passionately at this year’s BioData World Congress, held last week, at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge.

Nature still needs nuture

Just last week, the Government announced its latest step in helping to preserve our environment; introducing tougher new fines of up to £150 for littering, now including littering from vehicles.

Life-long learning with apprenticeships

Ever since I arrived in Parliament, I have been a passionate advocate and promoter of life-long learning; whether upskilling, reskilling or just encouraging new learning opportunities.

Building a sustainable vision for Suffolk

When discussing our rural economy in the East and here in Suffolk, it is often in reference to its net contribution to the national economy; a unique selling point of our region. However, I am keen to draw the discussion towards how our rural economy can serve everyone.