Building a sustainable vision for Suffolk

When discussing our rural economy in the East and here in Suffolk, it is often in reference to its net contribution to the national economy; a unique selling point of our region. However, I am keen to draw the discussion towards how our rural economy can serve everyone.

Bury St Edmunds Business Festival

A champion for the Bury St Edmunds business community, I am always struck by the enterprise spirit, strength of leadership and ‘can do’ attitude which epitomises each and every team I meet. A secret no more; these key ingredients are what drive our businesses to succeed!

MP seeks to repeat Suffolk's success in the Parliamentary Pub Chef Awards

I am thrilled to be inviting nominations from the constituency for the Parliamentary Pub Chef Awards. This is an annual competition which nominates chefs from constituencies up and down the country. The award recognises the important contribution of pub chefs to local communities.

Shining a light: rural sparsity in plain sight

Whilst providing accessible and good quality services to rural communities is more of a challenge than for metropolitan areas; you may look around our market towns and scenic villages and wonder why I should mention rural sparsity.