Jo Churchill MP welcomes new plans to tackle litter across St Edmundsbury

This week, Jo Churchill MP welcomed the new Litter Strategy – the first national strategy of its kind- which outlines tough new plans to tackle littering and litter louts.  The Strategy, which includes new fines of up to £150, join a series of measures such as the improved distribution of public bins making it easier to throw rubbish away, and the recommendation that offenders on community sentences help to clear up fly-tipped waste.

Mrs Churchill welcomed the Strategy, as new figures showed the cost of cleaning local streets stood at £1.44 million across St Edmundsbury.

Welcoming this new strategy, Jo Churchill MP said: “Litter is something which affects us all, blights our beautiful local areas and harms our wildlife.

Already, there have been tougher actions to cut back on litter, including new guidance for councils to help people get rid of their rubbish, as well as encouraging children to learn about and lead the fight against litter. However, this new Litter Strategy will make it easier for people to dispose of their rubbish as well as, with a tough new fine, act as a disincentive to thoughtless litter louts.

It is always unfortunate when we see cases of large scale fly-tipping and I welcome tough new measures to crackdown on this disorderly behaviour. Already, we have some brilliant local schemes which encourage residents to get out and to get cleaning. It is up to all of us to ensure that we may share in the spoils of our local area and the pride residents take in our beautiful environment, is what makes Suffolk the wonderful place that it is, to live.