Jo Churchill MP welcomes introduction of Delay Repay 15 scheme

Greater Anglia passengers are now able to claim back 25% of the single fare for delays between 15 and 29 minutes under the Delay Repay 15 (DR15) scheme.


This has been one of the key aims of the Great Eastern Mainline Taskforce, a group I have been a member of since first being elected to Parliament. Whether travelling for work, education or leisure, passengers deserve the best service possible. When this does not happen for whatever reason, it is right that they receive compensation.


It has long been the case that passengers have been able to claim compensation for delays of 30 minutes and over. However, I know the disruption that even the shortest of delays can cause and this is why I welcome the expansion of delay repay to also cover delays of 15 minutes and over.


I know punctuality has improved on the Greater Anglia network. The rollout of new trains from this summer should only go to improve this further and will be a major boost to all rail users in our area.