Jo Churchill MP has a Treatt for Treasury Minister

I had an enjoyable afternoon visiting Treatt in Bury St Edmunds with Liz Truss, Chief Secretary to the Treasury. There is nothing better than highlighting the fantastic businesses in my constituency to colleagues in Government!


Treatt have been making flavourings since they were formed in 1886. From the tasting session I took part in I can see why they are so successful. It was also very interesting to gain insight from their experts on low sugar flavourings. Going forward, low sugar products that still taste great are going to be an important part of making sure we are healthy, cutting diabetes and reducing burden on our NHS. These formulations don’t just happen and the ‘tea sommeliers’ showed us how flavours can be trend setting too.


Suffolk really is being a global exporting hub, with successful businesses across a number of sectors. I am determined to see this trend continue, not least due to our proximity to the Port of Felixstowe, a major point of exports to and imports from countries all around the globe.