Local News

Jo Churchill MP: “Fantastic new ‘good’ rating for West Suffolk Hospital is excellent news for Suffolk and the region”

On Thursday 4th August, it was announced that, following a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection which took place in March 2016, West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds has received an overall ‘good’ rating. What is more, the hospital received an ‘outstanding’ rating for their care provision. Responding to the report, Jo Churchill MP has strongly welcomed this announcement, hailing it a step forward for Suffolk and the Eastern region.  

Jo Churchill MP to tour Bury St Edmunds constituency in August

From Monday 8th August till Friday 12th August Jo Churchill MP will be touring her constituency of Bury St Edmunds, visiting 44 towns and villages from Horringer to Stowupland and Rickinghall to Bradfield St Clare. The purpose of the tour is for Jo to make herself available to constituents on village greens and in church halls to discuss matters with their Member of Parliament.  

Jo Churchill MP commemorates D-Day landings in tour of Normandy

Between the 25th and 27th July, Jo Churchill MP took part in the D-Day memorial tour of Normandy, as hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Armed Forces. The three day tour sought to highlight the events that took place and commemorate the lives lost.

Jo Churchill MP “seeking solutions” to rural broadband coverage

On Thursday 2nd June at the Suffolk Show, Jo Churchill MP met with representatives of BT Openreach, the National Farming Union (NFU), county councillors and local farmers to discuss the challenges of rural broadband roll-out to Suffolk. The meeting intended to bring together all sides from industry experts, local leaders and businesses within the community to address the issue of delivering sufficient broadband coverage, to rural areas affect by poor connectivity.

Jo Churchill MP calls for “clarity” ahead of Magistrates Court meeting

On Thursday 9th June, Jo Churchill MP will be meeting at Ipswich Magistrates Court with representatives from HM Courts and Tribunal Service to discuss what measures are being taken in the closure of the Bury St Edmunds Magistrates Court, as alternative arrangements are made to maintain local justice to Bury St Edmunds.

Jo Churchill MP supports local sustainable enterprise

On Friday 27th May Jo Churchill MP visited Orchard Barn, a local social enterprise specialising in natural and traditional building projects. She met with over thirty dedicated staff and volunteers at the Environmental Education Centre.

Jo Churchill MP opens new Bury St Edmunds nursery and pre-school

On Friday 6th May, Jo Churchill MP visited and officially opened Guildhall Feoffment Pre-School and Nursery to its new site on at New Shire Hall, Bury St Edmunds. Managed by Tracey Bucher, Guildhall Feoffment Pre-School and Nursery has recently been recognised as being in the UK’s top 5% for phonics teaching. The new site offers a spacious environment with free flow play areas between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing play and learning to develop.

Jo Churchill MP inspects A14 in meeting with Highways England

On Monday 9th May, Jo Churchill MP met with representatives from Highways England, local residents groups and parish councils on a site visit to a stretch of the A14 in Stowmarket. The meeting discussed the current state of the A14 concrete section and particularly the impact it has upon local residents, represented at the meeting by a Wetherden, Harleston and Haughley interest group.