Time to unlock the potential of our health data

A week ago it was announced, due in part to their already impressive preliminary work on e-Care, West Suffolk Hospital was to become a ‘prestigious Centre of Global Digital Excellence’ receiving up to ten million pounds to extend their work into digitising patient records.   This is a hugely exci

Housing is the issue on the doorstep

Last week I undertook a week-long tour of my wonderful constituency, visiting 44 locations over five days. The tour provided an excellent opportunity to raise concerns and I met with hundreds of residents wanting to discuss issues ranging from potholes to serious health concerns.

Jo Churchill MP: "Suspending treatments is not the way to nurse the NHS back to fiscal health"

Over the last few years, there has been a quiet revolution in the NHS. In 2013, NHS England launched the Commissioning through Evaluation (CtE) programme to ensure patients could access innovative treatments whilst evidence on the effectiveness of the treatment was gathered and formally evaluated. And since then, some patients have had access to treatments not previously NHS funded, but deemed worth investigating for potential future NHS inclusion.

D-Day tour of Normandy: why we must never forget

Parliament may be in recess for the summer but the work does not stop. For as a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Armed Forces, I spent three days this week touring the Normandy coast; understanding the events and the stories of UTAH, OMAHA, GOLD, JUNO and SWORD beaches, which make up the D-Day landings.

Summer reflections and crossing the constituency

Leaving Westminster for the summer and driving home last week was for me, a special moment. The weather had finally turned for the better and driving through our lovely towns and villages was a blessing. Bury St Edmunds truly is the jewel in the crown of Suffolk and returning from the capital, after an eventful few weeks in Parliament, I am reminded of just how peaceful and restorative country living is.

Energising the energy sector

Reflecting on recent events, it is now the priority of decision makers to knuckle down and work to protect the long term economic interest of this country, by delivering certainty to industry and business. For the implications of leaving the European Union, must now be taken into consideration in every aspect of decision-making, including my work as a member of the Environmental Audit Committee. 

Future-proofing the constituency and the country

As the country went to the polls for the biggest decision in recent history, my evening was committed to my duties as your Member of Parliament; meeting with local businesses large and small to  discuss their needs, concerns and hopes for the future. Week on week I visit businesses across the constituency and I am always struck by the vision and ‘can do’ attitude that drives them forward. But, business leaders tell me that, without a vibrant economy and, in particular, stable infrastructure to match, our outstanding local enterprise community will struggle to thrive.

A vote to remain is a vote for East Anglia

Choosing to stay within the European Union is a clear and pragmatic decision. The many benefits we receive from our membership of the EU makes voting to remain an obvious choice, and the right choice, for Britain. Over the past couple of months I have been debating and campaigning to ‘remain’ and as we approach the final week of this referendum campaign, I want to put to you a constructive case; how the EU directly benefits our region and why East Anglia should remain within the EU.