Bury St Edmunds MP's summer tour of villages

Bury St Edmunds MP Jo Churchill is to tour villages around the constituency this summer and meet a BT boss as part of her campaign for better broadband.

Mrs Churchill will visit rural communities next month to 'reach out' and hear about any issues residents may have.

She said: "People may actually potter along and discuss something that they wouldn't ring up and ask for a surgery appointment for.

"It can be a really quite earth shattering thing but they just wouldn't easily feel they could come to you.

"Arguably it's very often the only time that perhaps some of these villages will see you particularly older residents and residents who are perhaps on their own. Single mums who have come with issues before.

"I'm not asking them to come to me. I'm going to them.

"This is a good way of reaching out and it's making sure the big issues I'm working on are still the big issues."

The first day of the tour on August 13 will take her to Redgrave, Wattisfield and Norton; followed by Great Bricett, Onehouse and Borley Green on August 14; the Fornhams, Great Barton and Great Livermere on August 15; Gislingham, Bacton and Wetherden on August 16 and Bradfield Combust, Beyton and Nowton on August 20.

Parishes and councillors have been informed of the visits with residents invited to RSVP at jo.churchill.mp@parliament.uk

On August 20, Mrs Churchill and a working group will meet Clive Selley, CEO of BT Openreach, to discuss the ongoing push for better broadband in the area. It follows a summit in Westminster in May and a discussion between Mr Selley and residents in Ringshall in January.

"I'm concerned that they're getting lots more people onto superfast (broadband) but we've got lots of residents who can't even get a basic connection," she said.

She also has three surgery sessions with space for more.

Please email jo.churchill.mp@parliament.uk to arrange to meet with Mrs Churchill on her tour, or else call 01284 752311.

Published in the Bury Free Press