Mosul Children

Thank you for contacting me about the children in Mosul. The reporting of conditions in the city has been very distressing and I wholeheartedly share your concerns.

The protection of civilians during armed conflict is always a priority for the UK and its allies. When it comes to children, all efforts must be made to try to safeguard them from harm. One of the aims of the international coalition against Daesh was to liberate Mosul in a way that minimises the humanitarian impact. 

The International Development Secretary has urged all parties in the conflict to ensure aid agencies are allowed the access and support they need and that international humanitarian law is upheld. The Iraqi Government has committed to protecting civilians during the conflict, which I welcome.  

Over the last two and a half years the UK has committed £169.5 million to help those affected by Daesh in Iraq. This has included £40 million in new funding, announced in September, to help put in place essential humanitarian support ahead of the current military operation. With this, our partners are providing assistance, including shelter and support kits for 66,000 people. These comprise vital equipment for any displaced family, such as blankets, plastic sheets, buckets and other containers for water, cooking items and soap. It also facilitates emergency healthcare for 42,000 people, through four mobile medical teams, upgraded emergency medical surgeries, three ambulances and two health facilities with equipment, medication and light rehabilitation.

With regards to those people who choose to leave Mosul, the UK is working with partners to ensure stabilisation efforts allow internally displaced persons to eventually return to their homes safely. 

Thank you again for taking the time to email me and please do not hesitate to contact me about any other matter that you feel I might be able to offer assistance with.