Leveson Inquiry

Thank you for contacting me about the second part of the Leveson Inquiry.

I appreciate your concerns regarding this very important issue. When the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced the establishment of the Leveson Inquiry he was clear it would examine wrongdoing within the press and the police, including the conduct of the initial police investigation. I am firmly committed to this happening, and I know that the government remains equally committed to the Inquiry.

Lessons must be learnt from the ordeals gone through by the families of Hillsborough victims. I very much welcome that the Government has asked Bishop James Jones to write a report to ensure the family perspective is not lost. It also committed Ministers to meeting with the Opposition to discuss the police disciplinary system.

All officers must and will be held to account according to the law they serve to uphold. Amendments to the Police (Conduct) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 now prevent officers from resigning or retiring while under investigation, or the subject of disciplinary proceedings for matters of gross misconduct.

Reforms in the Policing and Crime Bill will also ensure that disciplinary action can be taken against retired officers regardless. My focus continues to be on ensuring the justice system delivers for victims and that police are responsible to the public they serve.

The Government has always maintained that a decision on whether to undertake Part Two of the Leveson Inquiry will take place after all criminal investigations and trials related to Part One are concluded. It is my understanding that they are still ongoing. I will however, continue to monitor the situation closely.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

July 2016