Protecting our rural interests

Bury St Edmunds truly is the jewel in the crown of Suffolk and returning from Westminster, I am reminded of just how peaceful and restorative country living is. I too  was born and raised in the country and feel that it is important we protect the traditions and uniqueness of country life. 

Businesses and enterprise

Across the UK, small businesses employ over fifteen million people and produce a turnover of around £1.6 trillion. Enterprise and local businesses are a cornerstone of Bury St Edmunds and of the region. However, recent statistics show that in the last quarter of 2015, the turnover of small businesses in Bury St Edmunds, decreased by 5%. We need to be backing our small and medium enterprises, through both the best and worst times and to help grow our economy.

Schools, skills and fairer funding

As a former schools Governor and as a mother, I have always taken a close interest in schools and education policy, at a local and national level. I know as an employer, it is vital we make sure our children are prepared for their future working life. That is why my aim is to ensure all schools, colleges, students, teachers and parents feel I have their best interests at heart.

Roads, rail and rural infrastructure

From the offset, I have been clear that rural infrastructure is a significant factor to my constituents and, to the vitality of our region. There are many aspects in which driving forward rural infrastructure must seek to address, notwithstanding the need to join up local, regional and national government to deliver necessary improvements. Yet, as the region is a net contributor to the economy, I am committed to facilitating and delivering rural infrastructure that is fit for purpose. 

Broadband and connectivity

Having lived and run a business in a rural community for some twenty years I know how vital good connectivity is not only for effective business but sometimes to achieve something as simple as a chat!  For those who live and work in some of our more isolated areas faster speeds are of particular importance, as we move onto digital platforms for everything from healthcare to commerce, it is vital our area is not left behind. 

Health and the life sciences

In my lifetime, I have been grateful recipient of the healthcare services in this country and from my experiences, I greatly value the excellent work that is undertaken by all those employed in the National Health Service (NHS). Yet, my experience with cancer allowed me to see first hand, not only why the NHS is the greatest healthcare system in the world, but, what more we is required drive forward patient outcomes.