Broadband and Rural Interests

Bury St Edmunds truly is the jewel in the crown of Suffolk and returning from Westminster, I am reminded of just how peaceful and restorative country living is. I too  was born and raised in the country and feel that it is important we protect the traditions and uniqueness of country life. 

Infrastructure and local services

Infrastructure and local services are vital to communities like ours. We should not lose sight of the importance of service hubs and the role that town centres and high streets play in this regard.



As a former schools Governor and as a mother, I have always taken a close interest in schools and education policy, at a local and national level. I know as an employer, it is vital we make sure our children are prepared for their future working life. That is why my aim is to ensure all schools, colleges, students, teachers and parents feel I have their best interests at heart.


Transport links are vital to businesses and residents in our area. That is why I have been working with a number of stakeholders to ensure we have the transport infrastructure we deserve.


Physical & Mental Health

In my lifetime, I have been grateful recipient of the healthcare services in this country and from my experiences, I greatly value the excellent work that is undertaken by all those employed in the National Health Service (NHS). Yet, my experience with cancer allowed me to see first hand, not only why the NHS is the greatest healthcare system in the world, but, what more we is required drive forward patient outcomes.

Businesses and Enterprise

In my role as MP I have consistently worked with local businesses of all sizes. From national companies like Greene King, Muntons and British Sugar to SMEs like Precision and of course local farmers.